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How To Clearly Communicate With Your Horse

Do you know how to draw on your very unique experiences, to create the most effective and transformative pieces, so you can communicate with your horse?


Are you very, very crystal clear on your unique way of carrying your spine so that you can then speak to your horse?

I love teaching this because it does several things... 

#1.  It helps you appreciate your journey as something that's a gift to you.

#2.  You can give that gift to your horse. 

#3.  It positions you as the leader or the partner that you want to be for your horse.

#4.  It takes you closer and closer to balance

#5.  It connects you to your horse and builds trust better than anything else that you could do with your horse. 

In fact, it actually gets you closer and closer to balance even if you feel that you're not a talented rider. Or you've not been successful in the past. I'm going to be walking you through some of the most powerful ways that you can use your uniqueness to communicate super clearly with your horses so that you can build an everlasting bond with your horse.

In our Harmony For the Horse Program we hold you through these powerful ways so you can use your mind and movement to communicate clearly and connect with your horse in your own uniqueness.

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Each one of us have our own unique way of carrying our spines and therefore our bodies, not just relating to horses even, but daily.

There are various influences that have happened in our life.

It's the history of us.

It is imprinted on us like a signature.

...traumas that we've had in the past and joys we've had in the past, emotions that we have, injuries perhaps that we've had, relationships that we've had. These are all imprinted upon us like a signature. 

These physical and emotional states directly affect our signature and the way we are and the way we move and vice versa.

Physical and emotional states affect the way we are and the way we move

How we move directly affects our physical state and our emotional state. When we pay attention to our movement, attention to our posture (if you want to call it that), attention to the ability to self carry ourselves, we then feel better.

Movement affects how we feel, and how we feel affects our movements

So let me give you an absolutely beautiful experience. An example that I've had with one of my students about this connection and how this is weaving together of the mind and the body.

Her name is Karen Gerhart. 

She was struggling.  She had taken lots of courses, gathered lots of information. She was really struggling with the ability to connect the dots and to put the amount of information that she had, because she had a lot of information under her belt from taking all these online courses.

And she studied very hard, but the happiness was missing still.

There was no flow and ease with what she was doing. And there was the happiness that was continually being elusive to her. She was frustrated with this amount of information and the integration of that information ... connecting it.

In our program, we worked with her movement, and we worked with helping her to find her true movement, where she found places that she was stuck. And then we dug really, really deep into the emotions, finding subconscious blocks, sorting out emotions, where they're stuck,  wehre the rider has put them in the closet.

What part of her body do we push those emotions and close the closet door?

Last week on our group call Karen posted a beautiful, absolutely beautiful post, a picture of her and her horse doing wonderful Liberty together.  
And her actually on her other horse riding when, before that she was so frustrated that she would never be able to do those kinds of things (hint:  self-sabotage)

It was so wonderful to see how the process of the mind and the movement interweave together, and we could help her to make those connections.

Movement Doesn't Lie

...when you know what to do.

And when do you know how to access your good movement?

When the movement is good, you will be balanced.

It's like watching a dancer when a dancer is moving. It's glorious to watch. It's seamless, its flow, it just happens. It's very satisfying.

And it's the same when you're watching a horse and rider pair. The movement doesn't lie. It becomes seamless and it flows. It's very enjoyable to watch. Because it's harmony in motion that does not come from extraneous movement of the limbs.

It comes from training yourself and finding your pure movement that's close to your spine that's inside you - very, very fine and close to your spine.

Horses Are Masters Of Movement

How do horses communicate with each other?

They use movement.

They're larger than life, their bodies are larger than life, their movement is larger than life.

If we can be the best that we can possibly be in our own movement, then we can communicate with them better (they also use voice to write so there is some voice, but the majority of their communication is through movement).

And when I say movement, that can be facial expression, it can be the ears, it can be from the most minute movement to the most large, gross movement, they communicate with movement.

...The body doesn't lie 

...The movement doesn't lie

...and horses don't lie

If you want to clearly communicate with your horse, you need to look at your movement, you need to discover your pure good movement, how you move and along with that address your emotions, your mind, your thoughts.

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Isn't it true that our emotions and what's going on in our thoughts gets manifested in our bodies, and therefore it's manifested in our movement?  

How we carry ourselves and the internal physical state is imprinted on our movement.

Our internal emotional state is imprinted on our movement. So if we're feeling small, because of being anxious or being fearful, any of the other negative emotions that we have, then we are going to be small, we're going to move small, our body becomes small, what's really important is that our horses pick up on this instantly, they can see instantly when you're being small, or when you're being large for opposite reasons.

So the way you carry your body around your horse around your life is sending messages all the time, sending messages out to the people around you, out to the horses around you, they're picking up on it.

Some instructors say this: "be purposeful", or "breathe", "hold your head high", "have good posture", "shoulders back", "be mindful".  This can help in the moment, but it doesn't last, it doesn't help you.

It doesn't heal you.

It's far more than that.  It's way more than that. And this is what we do in our program.

And this is how we help Karen to have such amazing epiphanies and realizations and growth within herself!

Then she could find balance and relationship with your horse,

...the way to move

...the way to think you feel about yourself

That's when you can find the balance in mind and movement. 

Another example is if your mind and your body is on the forehand and falling down with every step, then so is your mind. The two cannot be separated.

What emotion do you want to leave at the gate when you go to meet your horse?

Emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, apprehension, a whole bunch of negative emotions?

This is what we have to deal with today, maybe more than usual, but we deal with it in daily life. It's just life as life happens. And we're constantly dealing with that. All of the negative emotions that we know that we have, we want to leave them at the gate.

But do you think it's okay to just say?...

"I'm over that. I pushed that negative emotion away. I left it at the gate. And now I'll go get my horse".

Do you think from what I've told you here that your horse can see through that?

Yes, your horse can.

It's lingering, it's inside you and horses can see that. And this is where you need a process to help you to clear have to have a process to deal with these things.

Horses are wired, there are made to be aware of emotions and movement out in their environment anywhere they can pick up on the slightest of change in their environment.

The bird flutters in the tree. Is that bird being predated upon, or is that bird catching a fly, that's just the way they are, they need to be that way to survive, horses are wired to be so in tune. With movement and emotions, they need to be able to decipher these things.

It's the gift that they've been given from nature.

Until we find our pure good movement, there's going to be fuzziness and confusion, not only from our perspective, but from the horse's perspective... 

"How do I read this person when they have extreme anxiety very deep in a closet inside them?" 

Sure, they will adapt, but they would much rather have the clarity.

So this is what we work with in our program, if you get a chance to work with us, we work with going beyond limiting movement, limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts, limiting words, limiting beliefs about yourself, so that then you can walk out to meet your horse at the gate, and it's clear or relatively clear, or at least you have the intent that you're working on it and your horse can see that.

What I do, and what I have honed over many years is the ability and the skill, to see what's behind someone's movement, or to see what's behind what someone is saying.

And that's where the magic is. 

That's where the 20% of the magic is in our program is where we can pick that out so that you won't take another online course and feel worse at the end of the course or feel so far behind that  it's not working for you.

We'll get to the place where you have epiphanies... where you have changed... where you get success with your horse.

You may think that you're not a talented rider. You're not a natural rider. It doesn't matter when you're looking for your own unique quality movement.

You have it inside you, everybody does. And so for me, this is where it's worth the energy to spend on this. It's worth the payoff in the long term, like an amazing investment of time, energy every day doing this because you're working from both ends, you're working from the mindand you're working from the movement and you're getting closer and closer and closer and closer to the balance to the place where you have very clear. A crystal clear communication with your horse.

If this is something you want to get support with, you can apply to work with us in our program where you can bear fruit and find out how much joy there is in really riding in flow.

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