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For The Horse Program

This isn't just horse training; it's a dance! It's our passion, our expertise, and now, it can be yours too.

For The Horse programs are life-changing immersions explicitly designed for riders, coaches, horse lovers, and equine experts who are yearning to develop communication and presence skills that are appreciated by horses.

We've been there.  And we've found a way through to the type of interaction that gives us the freedom all horse people want.

Driven by purpose, our students are looking for a way to bring themselves into their horse’s world in a more powerful, harmonic, and effective way.

Using our exclusive, proven framework, we help our students design a plan with their horse so each can benefit sustainably and predictably.

This program is unlike all horsemanship courses available.

Chris developed her program to fill a fundamental gap in all established horse training. Her integrated program develops tangible skills and self-awareness, enabling you to create the deeper foundation that underlays even the basics of horsemanship.

These fundamentals will enable you to communicate with your horse clearly, understand your horse's responses, improve the self-carriage and biomechanics of both horse and handler/rider, and take your horse-human relationship to levels previously unobtainable.

We will enhance your intuition, self-mastery, body awareness, and the degree of harmony with your horse.

We offer both a focus on personal mindset and emotional transformation (for both members of the horse/human team), and tactical how-to technique pieces of riding in a synergistic, complete package.

Each of our students gets deep 1-on-1 mindset and movement support to move through the fear, guilt, shame, and past failure that has been colouring their lens and holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Are you ready to take it up a notch on both a horsemanship and a personal level? 

Let For The Horse help you break through the frustration and damage seen in both horses and their humans struggling with them.

Schedule your Harmony Call today.

What the Program Is All About...

We've developed this program to help you:

  • Deeply understand your horse(s). And understand them in a way that builds a forever communion
  • Design your robust education plan with your horse that your horse actually WANTS to participate in and will deliver RESULTS
  • Use our simple, effective, and powerful movement methodology to connect with your spine with your horse's spine
  • Have impactful explorations with your horse that further solidify their trust in you and give your horse the confidence to ask for and follow your guide
  • To further keep yourself and your horse sound for the long term
  • Improve your confidence, riding skills, and ability to problem solve without high pressure desensitization and obedience to the aids leadership
  • Harness the power of your horse's true movement patterns in concert with your true movement patterns to fuel both of your results
  • Discover how to use energy and intention to unite and harmonize in movement with your horse, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

How do I qualify for the program?

You would be absolutely committed to the well-being and soundness of your horse. This means you have ridden your horse, either lately or in the past, in all gaits (whether fearful or not).

You are smart, driven and willing to do both the tactical horsemanship and inner mindset work.

You are open and coachable and take full responsibility for the life you’ve created with your horse - even the pieces you don’t love.

While coachable, you’re also not passive - you show up as the captain of your ship and take initiative. You speak up on calls and via Helpdesk and ask for help even if you don’t know exactly what help you need.

You bring your creativity and insight to the table instead of waiting to be told what to do.

You are a lifelong learner, humble and willing to come to the table with a student’s mind and rework things you might have learned/built in other courses or lessons.

You are a strong student, who can follow written and verbal instructions (in English), and are kind, respectful, and supportive of others.

What is the price of the program?

When pricing our programs, we considered the following six factors: 

  1. The financial cost of riding without clarity
  2. The energetic cost of having a horse that drains you
  3. The time cost of not knowing how to fix the problem
  4. The identity cost of a rider/horse partnership that doesn’t work
  5. The physical toll on you and your horse with no nurturing back to both of you
  6. The freedom that comes from figuring it out

We offer several courses within our program, each with different a level of investment from $27.00 and up. Please schedule a call to see what fits you the best.

What is a Harmony Call?

A Harmony Call is when you speak with us, and we explore the root cause of your stuckness and evaluate if we’re in a position to help. We can’t help everyone and don’t teach what we haven’t lived and learned by doing. 

On a Harmony Call, we’ll go deep – we’ll explore your perception of the present (what’s working, what isn’t) as well as your past (what colours the way you make sense of things).

And then, with those pieces in place, we’ll explore the future – what success looks and feels like to you with your horse. This allows us to judge accurately whether our framework will work for you and your horse.

A short chat about your specific goals and passions usually precedes a Harmony Call.

Who is Chris Adderson?

As a movement educator, rider, and instructor rehabilitating and educating thousands of riders and horses for forty-plus years in clinics, private lessons, and online programs on three continents, Chris Adderson guides her students not only to come back to health and soundness but also to go on to reach their highest goals.  

Working with exceptional choreographers in her professional dance career deepened her understanding of the horse's experience and how she can help horses participate with humans.

Hence, from her experience as a dancer and her breadth in horsemanship, she can develop and inspire excellence as she choreographs with horses and riders to bring their full potential forth.

And because she has experienced injury and failure herself and come out on the other side reaching top levels of horsemanship and classical dressage with many horses, she can teach in a very concisely, directly, and purely.

What is the format of the program?

  • Videos, audios and written frameworks in the program portal
  • Custom to you audios supporting all the tactical pieces so your head and heart are aligned
  • 1-on-1 movement and riding coaching via Helpdesk (unlimited during the 8 weeks)
  • 1-on-1 mindset coaching session + custom audio based on your session
  • 1-on-1 private lessons with you and your horse
  • Two weekly group coaching calls focused on technique and mindset strategies
  • Facebook group support with my team and your peers in the program (lifetime)
  • Lifetime access to all recorded materials