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Speaking about the unspoken when she didn’t speak, Adderson always knew everyone (including horses!) would divest their expression beyond voice without even knowing it, which would devastate humanity.

With details of the agonizing hide behind silence and how this led to the discovery of certain extraordinary personal qualities, she shows how she can help value and restore our lives' first expressions, precision movement, and exquisite communication. She demonstrates how to find relief from the struggle of disconnect and belonging.

Adderson presents an intriguing perspective on nonverbal expression and communication, which is the essence of the art of connection with others on a deeper level: to go into silence, tune into sensations for clarity of intention, be tuneful of the needs of others in movement, understand energy, improve communication skills, embody feel, and go beyond voice, “beyond feel,” to experience the magic of Hum. 

With seven practical steps on developing subtle awareness to live consciously in our modern world, strugglers can find insight and soul in this exploration of the essence of the dance of being human.