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Riding And Confidence: How To Have Both Together

In order to have riding and confidenct, both together, you need to shift your beliefs around riding and confidence.

And this requires changing the identity from being stuck to being empowered.

Because there are basically two states:

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In our Harmony For the Horse Program we help you to move from being stuck, afraid and unconfident to empowered, confident and successful in your riding.

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Stuck can be a really comfortable place.

It can be a place where you are feeling stuck and saying these things to yourself:

"I'm afraid to ride my horse." "

"I'm getting too old", I'm getting too old time is running out." 

"I have kids now, it's different."

"I have all these responsibilities, and I can't get hurt. So it's just better for me to sit here with my safety blanket on and hide, because that's comfortable."

Or you may be saying, "I've tried everything, I've tried this, and I've tried that, nothing has worked for me, so it's never going to work", "So I'm just going to sit",  or "I'm just going to quit".

It can be very scary for riders, especially if they've been stuck for a long time. It can be very scary to come out of that state of being stuck and move more towards this the empowered state.

Because they've experienced things before.  They've done another online course before, or they've been to a clinic before or they've had an instructor before. 

Or you may be saying, "Oh, I don't want to go through that again, is it going to work or is it not gonna work.?

So you are on a roller coaster, you choose to not go on the upper part of the roller coaster, and maybe have some hope, because you know that the down part of the roller coaster is coming next. 

"So okay, I'll just quit. It's safer to just quit."

Stuck can be very addictive.

I know...do you know of someone who's stuck? Maybe addicted to being stuck. 

You have to decide to change your destiny, and be willing to commit to changing your destiny.

And that's going to be terrifying for most riders.

But this is what you need to do. A lot of riders come to me with heartache, with pain, and they just want to feel hope and to feel supported.

Get out of that state of being stuck and into the state of empowered. 

A rider in our program, during one of our lessons, she was crying and saying, "I'll never be able to ride my horse, I can't see that it's ever going to happen. I'm never gonna get there. I want to do these activities with my horse".

She wanted to actually ride the passage and piaffe, and be able to do that with her beautiful horse.  And this was something that she was saying, believing in all honesty. This was her story that she was telling herself.

She was taking on this identity.  Sometimes she would say,"Oh, I have a sore back. I couldn't do that today." A lot of heartache and a lot of heaviness.

There may be some truth to the story. Yes, you may have a sore back, there may be truth and there probably is truth to the story. But does it need to be that way, always?

Do you need to buy into that? Do you need to stay stuck? Do you need to be addicted to that those symptoms?

No, you don't.

We showed our student that it could be different. It takes work. Believe me, my students work hard to get this, but they get it.

We helped her get specific where her problem was. So now she could have truth, she could have hope, rather than triggers that were coming daily and upsetting her every day.

So we helped her to define what her new success identity with her horse was and within a short time she was up riding her horse. She was laughing, she was giggling on our calls and she had pure joy with her horse, rather than self sabotage.  

If you want support in this way, to become a better rider for your horse, or understanding your horse better, or dealing with fear and confidence so that you can own your power, or to find your truth and then connect with your horse and get the results that you are yearning for...

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About the Author Chris Adderson

Chris Adderson teaches riders and horses how to move with ease and grace to create astounding results and lifelong relationships of their dreams. She teaches valuable skills and educational strategies to help you re-ignite your ultimate confidence and self-belief so that your horse willingly partners with you, in lightness, and then helps you establish a step by step plan and strategy to support your growth together. This will leave you feeling confident, capable and available to step into your genius as a rider to serve your horse.

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