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Many influential horse people state the importance of "feel," "energy," and "intention" to work with horses successfully.

But how can such seemingly intangible skills be developed? Is there a framework or plan to help a person create the type of communication and presence appreciated by a horse?

Yes! Now there is.

Chris Adderson's multifaceted program develops tangible skills and self-awareness enabling you to establish the deeper foundation that underlays the "basics" of horsemanship.

These fundamentals will empower you to clearly communicate with your horse and interpret your horse's responses. You will cultivate your self-carriage, biomechanics, and rhythm of you and your horse. Your horse-human union will shift to levels previously unobtainable.

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Christine’s training methods done in-hand, on the ground are amazing...

My horse "Katy" and I have been very privileged this past year to have been coached by an amazingly gifted clinician, Christine Adderson.

Christine is very intuitive with horse and rider and provides gentle guidance to both at all levels.

Christine has a wealth of experience and knowledge and my equine partner and I have grown greatly under her coaching. Christine’s philosophy and training methods show utmost respect for the horse and their well being in all aspects.

Thank you so much Christine. You’re awesome.

Gayle Sandau

Christine calls it like she sees it...

As a mother of two young children, owning a young horse, and working full time, I am not sure where I expected to fit in the time for a new training regime. My first clinic with Christine blew my mind. My horse and I loved every minute of it...when Christine came back in the fall, she was welcoming, thoughtful and full of vigor! We cantered right back into suit. She had no trouble giving me space to learn. I was so impressed at how she was able to teach from green horse and rider, to someone ... who has been years into this.

Christine calls it like she sees it. I look forward to clinics with Christine next year, and I know that the methods are based on sound true technique. I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. My only complaint is that she lives in BC!

Hilary Joy Bittner

A shining light for horses

Chris Adderson is a shining light for horses.

Her compassion, empathy and horse knowledge was very noticeable to me when I met Chris on my healing workshop in Canada. Horses want to spend time with Chris because her love is palpable and unconditional.

I am delighted that Chris has received this award in recognition of her outstanding work with, and for, horses in need.
"Chris - you really deserve it."

(Margrit Coates, is the world's leading horse and animal healer and internationally renowned horse and animal communicator)

Margrit Coates

Chris has developed a truly innovative program that addresses the many areas that must come together in the development of a truly effective horse-rider team.  

First, she has an innovative and effective approach to addressing the rider’s balance and physical organization.  

Then, she addresses underlying subconscious messages that are blocking progress.  Simultaneously, her students begin a progressive process involving the horse, using similar principles for both horse and rider, to improve self-carriage and communication from the ground.  

In the second half of the course, she facilitates putting all the pieces together to create effective movement in harmony under saddle.  

Her course takes the many pieces of the dressage-in-partnership puzzle, which are very difficult to organize on one’s own, and effectively draws them together into a fantastic, transformational program!  

She provides a high level of personalized support throughout this process.  

I am thrilled with the changes that I’ve seen in myself and my horses, feel empowered by the new insights I’ve gained, and am optimistic that I can continue to expand this growth to reach my dreams and goals going forward.

Karen Gerhart

I enrolled in Chris's program, Harmony For the Horse.  

Best investment for me and my horses.  

The In Hand work is so much fun, it's the greatest exercise in connection I have ever experienced.  

The depth of this program is remarkable, I have come to know myself and what blocks me from progressing with my horse.

I now have the skills I need to break through my barriers to progress, the study of movement, and how to use my body to help my horse in movement.  

This program has filled the holes missing and lost.

There isn't a program like this anywhere. 

I am so grateful my path lead me to Chris and Harmony For the Horse.  

Thank you Chris for your time and talent.

Deb Hutchings