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Why Is My Horse So Heavy

Turn the heavy horse into a beautiful, flowing, light horse...

Have you ever found yourself saying, "my horse is heavy"?

In this article, I'm going to share with you some of my suggestions on how you can change a heavy horse, and how to turn a heavy horse into a beautiful, flowing, light, horse that you absolutely dream of riding. 

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What is your definition of a heavy horse?

Is it the feeling when you're like, "this horse just will not move or I can't move the horse over. It feels like a ton of bricks under me".

Or maybe you're exhausted after every ride, or maybe you'll feel like you're being pulled on all the time, and there's no sense of lightness to anything. 

It just becomes a yucky feeling that you don't enjoy and you know your horse doesn't enjoy.

So how would it feel now if you had a lightness underneath you?  If you had a feeling of total lightness underneath your seat? If you could ride your horse with just two fingers, just these two fingers? What would it feel like to you if you could take your horse who was a willing partner and you could ride in or lunge in a wide open space and have your horse be in correct balance correct movement?

You had just two fingers on the lunge line, for example, and the line is loose?

Well, this is exactly what I'm going to show you in this short video clip. It is a short one minute video clip from our program and in this video I'm going to show you, my horses ZJ. 

She was not a light horse.  In fact, she was actually very heavy and lunging was difficult for her. And actually impossible for her to lunge at a canter. She would almost fall over and then if you put a rider on in the lunge at a canter, it was impossible for her to coordinate.

So what I did was, I did a lot of liberty with her just to get her moving and get her canter moving freely ... she could do whatever she wanted to do out at Liberty.

She did really well with that, but there was not a focus on correct movement, there was not a focus on her carrying her spine, or lenthening her spine so that her legs could then move underneath her efficiently and effectively. And so it was more that she was just falling around.

And this started to really bother me.

I knew that she could move light because she is a very athletic mare. And so I began working more and more with her. And she became lighter and lighter because she started to understand more and more about how she could connect her spine, organize her spine, carry her spine on the lunge line in a way that was effective for her. 

It's not that she didn't have the ability to do this. In fact, I believe all horses have the ability to do this. It's just us who needs to learn how to guide our horse through this process, and this is the process we teach in our program ...

How can you guide your horse to find the most efficient, best, pure, good movement so that your horse can perform the task that you want them to do?

Here are my suggestions, but first of all, let me know if that resonates...if you can resonate with any part of that story about my horse ZJ, put a note for me below.

#1.  Have Lightness Within Yourself

Know how to carry your own spine. 

And by that, I mean you need to know your Place of Power. The Place of Power is the place in your body, where you are using the least amount of effort to get the most amount of movement...

...the least amount of effort on your part, to get huge results and huge movement from your body.

And then along with that, you need to know when you lose your Place of Power, how to get it back and how to get it back quickly.

And how to carry and coordinate your spine in a process that super clear to your horse.

This is where we start. So we find the Place of Power, it is very clear to your horse what we want, there's no mystical parts or it is not mud, it's not fuzzy.

And then we're consistent. So there's no surprises either.

#2.  Know What To Listen For

To know when your horse is moving correctly. Horses don't automatically know how to move, they don't know how to move correctly on a lunge line, for example, or they don't know how to move correctly at a canter with a rider on perhaps. A lot of times rider think that horses just know how to do it. 

So let's just go out and do it until they don't?

They need to be guided. 

They do have the capability to do all of this, but they need to be guided into it, they needed to be shown how.

Guide your horse into knowing, experiencing, feeling their own coordination of their bodies. And that's part of knowing what to listen for.

#3.  Create A Simple But Very Powerful Way To Speak With Your Horse

All right, that sounds simple, it sounds easy...

It's not easy, but it can be simple. And this is where you're going to go from the very basics, up to the highest levels that you want to pursue with your horse. And this actually is what we teach in detail in my program, how to go from the very basics, up to the very highest levels of equine pursuit that you want to do. 

So you have a lightness within yourself, you know your body, you know how you move, you know what to listen for, when you see your horse moving, you know, you can recognize things, then you have a simple and very clear way to speak to your horse.

#4.  Have A Process That You Love

Have a process that you absolutely love, that nourishes you, that makes sense to you and your horse.

This is absolutely crucial. Because if you come away from your ride, or your lunging session, or whatever it is that you're doing with your horse and you AV you absolutely hate it or you feel overwhelmed, or you're confused or you're angry or you're sad or you're upset in some way, you will then turn around and self sabotage. You will sabotage your future.

If you don't trust your process that you're doing, perhaps if you feel deep down that it's not working, or you don't like it. Then you will pressure yourself into doing things that you don't really want to do that isn't perfect for you and your horse. 

And then that combined with the self sabotage will absolutely kill your confidence.

I've spoken to lots of riders around this topic where they're in tears because they no longer have any confidence and they've totally lost the magic in the process, and they don't love the process anymore. It's just too much. 

So if this resonates with you, let me know, put a note from me below.

And if you want to get results that you've never had in the past with your horse, and you want to have a process that nourishes you, one that you love, and you feel no friction with, so then you can commit yourself your whole entire self to being with your horse...that's what we help you create in our program. 

So if you want this sort of help CLICK HERE ... and if you know that in the upcoming months, that you can just feel this, that more lightness with your horse is there for you, you're on the verge of finding it, and you have a sense of excitement about that because you want to feel aligned in a process and a program, CLICK HERE

Riding is such an incredibly deep practice, isn't it? 

There's so many levels to it. It's not something that is easy, because it's so multi- disciplinary and dimensional. And if your process has friction, you're guaranteed to burn out and to quit. It doesn't have to be this way.

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