Meet Chris - ForTheHorse


Hello, I'm Chris Adderson.

I love to help passionate riders confidently achieve their riding dreams and goals without fears, doubts, and overwhelm so they can ride with ease and flow.

From understanding and communicating with your horse on a deeper level to consistent, technically exhilarating rides, I help you clarify your riding with your horse.

I help you to re-ignite your ultimate confidence and self-belief so that your horse willingly meets with you in lightness, and then help you establish a step-by-step plan and strategy to support your growth and skills together. You will feel confident, capable, and available to step into your genius as a rider and serve your horse.

Since working with horses, riders, and dancers for over forty years, exploring and achieving professional certifications in divergent methods and training approaches, including professional dancing, Natural Horsemanship, classical dressage, liberty work, and in-hand, I realized that all established horse training approaches lack what are fundamental aspects necessary to facilitate purity of horse-human communication through movement.

The program I created, as a result, fills in the fundamental gap missing in all approaches to horses.

My program helps you avoid frustration and damage to yourself and your horse.

If we have yet to meet, the riding success you need help achieving requires my qualifications. 

As an international clinician, teaching thousands of riders and their horses worldwide, I hold a deep insight into what horses and riders really want and need.

My mentors, Ray Hunt, Roy Yates, Peggy Cummings, Margrit Coates, Philippe Karl, Lee Smith, George Malleroni, Davide Earle, Patricia Beatty (and so many more), were great pioneers and masters.

My life laid the path for the development of my teachings and program. I was led to the discovery of certain extraordinary personal qualities and how I could help thousands value and restore thier lives' first expressions. I relied on my communication with other species to express myself. Developing my awareness nonverbally and then magnifying this ability to communicate emotion and messages using quality movement, thus, my professional dance career showed me these details.

I bring into play the Rights of Passage from Peruvian Shamans of the Q'ero nation granted to me for a spiritual connection. A degree in Kinesiology majoring in biomechanics, motor control, human performance, and psychology from the number one ranked university in North America brings science into my perspective as I help you dance with your horse.

I am honoured to educate you to embody with your horse from the point of integration. 

This clarity of context will open windows of insight and open doors for change never before imaginable.

For The Horse is ~ the ultimate connection to the land and the horse’s spirit ~ combined with the transcendent unity between horse and human through the art of movement.

As the founder of For The Horse, I lovingly created a “horse heaven” (so named by those who visit). I rescue and rehabilitate horses at my farm to bring them back to health and soundness. Students from around the globe are introduced barefoot principles, bodywork, and movement education, as well as to examine organic land stewardship and holistic horse management. 

Affectionately named the “Heroine of the Horses” as the recipient of the internationally recognized and prestigious Shining World Compassion Award for my outstanding efforts to rescue horses and to ensure their safety and well-being, I am For The Horse. 

This is the missing ingredient from anything you've ever tried before.

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Many influential horse people state the importance of "feel," "energy," and "intention" to work successfully with horses.

But how can such seemingly intangible skills be developed? Is there a framework or plan to help a person create the type of communication and presence appreciated by a horse?

Yes! Now there is.

Chris Adderson's multifaceted program develops tangible skills and self-awareness enabling you to establish the deeper foundation that underlays the "basics" of horsemanship.

These fundamentals will empower you to clearly communicate with your horse and interpret your horse's responses. You will cultivate your self-carriage, biomechanics, and rhythm, of you and your horse. Your horse-human union will shift to levels previously unobtainable.

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