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What do I need to work with a horse?

There are a few key things that are needed to work with a horse to be effective and successful in making progress in a timely manner.  Have you ever felt like it’s just taking way too long to make progress with your horse? And, how would it feel if you had a way to get results with […]

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How to calm an upset horse

Dealing with an upset horse can be very discouraging, especially when a rider just doesn’t know what to do to help the situation. And, there can be many reasons why a horse gets upset too. One of those reasons is that the activity at hand is challenging for your horse.  By challenging I mean not to overface […]

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What emotion do we want to promote in our horses?

Horses express so many emotions as we are around them and working with them. When it comes to training horses and having the best relationship that we possibly can across the species of horses and humans, the answer to this question makes a huge difference.  But a lot of equine enthusiasts completely miss it which erases any […]

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