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Are You Effective In The Saddle?

Every week, we speak to so many people who are incredibly wanting to ride the best that they can do. And these are riders who genuinely care; they tend to be sometimes a little bit invested in doing things correctly with their horses, but they’re still not getting the results that they’re looking for. So what’s […]

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How to maintain stamina when riding

How do I maintain stamina when I’m riding? This was a question that came in from one of my students. She was enjoying riding her horse and making great progress. But, there was a ‘problem’ when she started trotting – she found that she lost stamina quite quickly.A lot of the time when we have a […]

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How to ride a horse

Have you ever seen riders who are working so hard in the saddle that they’re actually contorting their bodies? They might be off to one side or maybe their legs are shrinking up. Maybe their feet are either in or out, just doing a little bit strange things. We all do it. It’s really easy […]

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How to reveal your horse’s perfect TROT

Every horse has, inside of them, their perfect ideal trot. Have you ever dreamed what it would be like or you just dream of that perfect ideal trot? You know, the trot that makes you giggle where you’re riding along as if to music or maybe out in the pasture or a wide open field? Just trotting… […]

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