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How to maintain stamina when riding

How do I maintain stamina when I'm riding?

This was a question that came in from one of my students. She was enjoying riding her horse and making great progress. But, there was a 'problem' when she started trotting - she found that she lost stamina quite quickly.

A lot of the time when we have a 'problem', it's not the problem that we thought it was, it's something completely different.

Logical conclusions around why we are losing stamina might be;  I'm not fit enough, I'm getting older, I need to push harder...

When actually, we need to LET GO.

So now, here's the process of letting go:

#1.  Know your Place of Power

Everybody has a Place of Power, including our horses. Our horse's bodies have places of power too. When we ride, we help our horses to find their Place of Power.

But we seem to forget about what our place of power is... as a rider, as an athlete, what is the human Place of Power?

Your Place of Power is your strongest place, your strongest alignment, where you use the least amount of effort to get huge results.

What happens a lot of times, if we're doing extraneous movements or if we're actually fighting against ourselves when we're riding, we get tired very quickly.

That can happen when we don't have our Place of Power.

#2. Know how to find your Place of Power

So we're going to lose it. Just like our horses lose it all the time. We are going to lose it as well.

There's so many things that can cause us to lose the Place of Power. We get distracted. We get tired. That will cause you to lose your Place of Power, but how do you find it?

How do you get it back? How do you regain your Place of Power?

Because you can lose it in an instant, but can you get it back in an instant?

That's what I teach in my program...with the use of Slide Points.

I teach you how to find your Place of Power and teach you how to get it, regain it once you've lost it and how to practice that in your daily life activities so that you can regain it very quickly, without a thought, it becomes a habit.

3.  Take breaks

Here's another place where we can let you as riders.

So often we're taught to push ahead, get it done, keep going...perhaps at that time a break would be more beneficial for rider athlete and horse athlete.

You need to be in shape to ride your horses a certain amount.

But you don't have to keep on and on without short breaks.  Breaks help everyone to comprehend what's happening, to give your body a chance to recover. Short breaks are very useful...give yourself permission.

If we get too tired, if we find that our body is getting fatigued, that's when we can use this Place of Power, regain the Place of Power to help us to reset and let go.


Being strong and being able to ride for longer, being really strong in our position by continually refreshing that button, refreshing the Place of Power button so that you're continually releasing and finding it, releasing it and finding it and adapting to everything that comes your way as you're riding.

Let go when you need to and how to find your unique place of power with your horse (we are all individuals)

Do you have any questions, any notes for me, feel free to put them below. And also if you're interested in my program, if this is valuable for you and you like this, then I have more for you... a program that supports you and leads you to find that transformation your looking for with your horse.  You are not alone...we are here for you.


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