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Why Am I Stuck With My Horse?

How to get unstuck with your horse. We know what it's like to be stuck, don't we? But how do we get unstuck with our horse? 

There is a crucial step that you need to take.

Have you ever had a horse that you just couldn't figure out or part of the horse that you just couldn't figure out ... why he or she was acting a certain way?

I'm going to show you how to figure that out.

And we've put these components that we've learned over many years and horses and students into our Harmony For the Horse Program.  It's a system for riders where they can learn for themselves, once and for all, how to unstuck with your horse. 

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I've dealt with a lot of horses, in trauma because I have a horse rescue here. And over the years, a lot of horses have come through my facility that taught me a tremendous amount about horses and how they handle trauma.

It taught me a lot about how to get unstuck, and it relates directly to us as riders and humans as well.

I was talking with a student of mine the other day, her greatest fear was that she didn't want to do something wrong, that might hurt her horse in some way. 

Because she felt she didn't know what she was doing and she may inadvertently hurt her horse in some way.

It was holding her back from getting unstuck with her horse...this fear.

She had a dream horse, it's a beautiful horse, a young horse, only six years old, great attitude, great outlook on life, a real super mare...

...and she wanted the best for her horse.

Maybe this resonates with you also?

You have a dream horse, you have a horse that you want to do the absolute best for, but you're worried about the embarrassment that you might feel if your friends don't see you progressing, or if somebody comes to ride with you, and they see you out of control in some way.

The problem is not really as it appears...

Usually with horses the problems are not the way we think they are

There's something completely different.

So what was happening with the student of mine, is that she wasn't giving herself permission, and that's the crucial step that you need to take first before you can ever get yourself unstuck with your horse.

Give yourself permission to learn

She wasn't giving herself permission to let that fear go.

And so she wasn't able to recognize when something came along her way, that was blatantly clear to other people, but not her.

Maybe that solution for her horse, or what her next step was for her horse... but she wasn't able to see it.

So this crucial step of getting this out of the way, giving yourself permission ,is what's going to help you to get unstuck.

And once you've done this step, the solution will appear. And that's when you jump at it, whether it's an instructor that comes your way, whether it's a program that comes your way, whether it's a course, whether it's another horse that comes your way, whether it's something you think about your solution... it will come to you. 

But if you're not giving yourself permission, then you won't recognize it and you won't see it and it'll pass you by and you will stay stuck.

We all know what it's like to stay stuck, don't we? Even when the solutions are right in front of us, we don't see it.

HOW do we give ourselves permission?

The process to give yourself permission is to connect deeply with yourself and find out what exactly it is that's holding you back.

And this is what I do in my program with my students, I help them to find out what's holding them back on a deep level, holding them back and their horse back from progressing.

Now would be the time for you to jump on a call with me or my one of my members of my team, I have a fabulous team that will help you to zone in on this.

This crucial step that is going to help you to give yourself permission to take the next step with your horse. In this call we'll work with you and clarify things for you so that it'll be completely clear.  You won't be stuck for so long.  There's nothing more frustrating for riders than being stuck too long with your horse. 

And you'll start to improve and find that mystery around whatever it is that you can't figure out What's going on with your horse will become clear and you can sort things out.

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Chris Adderson teaches riders and horses how to move with ease and grace to create astounding results and lifelong relationships of their dreams. She teaches valuable skills and educational strategies to get more results, quicker and faster.

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