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How To Communicate With Your Horse

How to communicate with your your horse understands you.

Have you ever felt like you're just bursting to get out with your horse? You have a lot of caring you, a lot of passion, a lot of deep desire to help your horse. But you can't seem to quite get your horse motivated to say, "Yes, I understand", "Let's do it"?

Why is it that some riders seem to have absolutely no trouble communicating with their horses, and their horses are willing and they are there for them, while others struggle to just rustle up even so-so results?

I'm going to dig really deeply into how to communicate with your horse, how to get your message across to your horse, so that your horse then understands what you're saying. 

I'm going to actually show you how to communicate clearly and concisely, but if you'd like support from us in our program directly (because you can't do this alone), to help you and your horse to understand each other better and get these basics mastered...

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I see riders who absolutely love their horses, they have a huge love for their horse. And they do so much for their horses, but they're still overwhelmed, and they don't know what to do.

My question is....

Are you doing endless stuff with your horse?

And by that, I mean, trying this and trying that, because so much of what we see is riders who come to us to better themselves but what they really are struggling with is...

...riders don't know what to do because they have inner blocks.

Usually it's around having an authoritative figure in their childhood when they were children, basically. And I'm the same, I'm not excluded from this.

I was getting messages like, "You're wrong for wanting that",  And "How could you want that?" "Do you know what you actually want?"  This is when I see riders have a really difficult time. And what they haven't done is they don't give themselves a permission to want what they want.

I want to give you an example how this worked.

It was a student of mine who had a horse who was a dominant mare, she didn't like the part that the horse was very dominant. Her horse was really fast, always walking out fast. My student was a fairly, introverted, quiet, slow person. But the horse was very fast all the time, dominant knew exactly where she was going, what she was doing. And that frustrated the rider greatly.

What I saw in this rider and what I also see in other riders.

She hadn't given herself permission to truly accept who her horse was.

When we can truly accept who our horse is, that's when the communication starts.


This rider hadn't truly accepted who she was, and hadn't really realized that she wasn't even giving herself permission to love herself and to trust herself. And therefore, she didn't then give herself permission to truly love her horse, trust her horse accept her horse for the kind of horse that she was.

So once she really got over those blocks and she could accept - "Yes, my horse is a dominant mare. Yes, my horse wants to be dominant."  "So how do I communicate with that type of a horse?"  "How do I have a conversation with my mare"?

And when she figured that out, then she could really, really love her horse. Then the reciprocal love went back and forth. When you truly accept who your horse is, then you can really start to create the ideal relationship and your ideal horse.

And that's what I mean about creating your horse.

There's so many different ways of communicating with our horses, aren't there?

Voice, Intention, Words, Mental Images, Expressions, Body Language, Movement, Praise, Smiling, Energy. 

So what does that all come down to?

... Energy

How we voice ourselves is Energy. Our intention behind what we're doing is all Energy. Words have impact, they have power.

So, the words that we choose to use, our mental images that we choose to use, the expressions on our face are all just Energy which our horses pick up with.

With energy, we need to have clarity.

We need to know how the energy then gets reflected in our movement, and how that energy attunes our whole entire body.

2 things to do:

Accept who your horse really is,

Focus on the conversation you want to have with your horse

I like to have like a running dialogue between my horse. Sometimes I use words, most of the time not, it's mostly my mind, emotions, and body movement.

When I have this dialogue with my horse like this running, that goes back and forth between us, what's in my mind, the words that are in my mind, then go through into my body, which then goes through into the horse's body, which also things go through into the horse's mind and the horse's emotions.

That's the connection that we're talking about. If it comes out of nowhere, if you're not accepting how your horse's nature is, then there's always an underlying feeling, frustration, and begrudging.

If you're thinking, she's really distracted because of those noises, that's gonna come out in your movement that's gonna come out in how you communicate, and then that's going to be received, and she's not going to be held in the place that she she needs with you.

She's going to be alarmed even more and then conclude that you're not there for her, when she really needs you to be there for her.

You just can't do this alone.  If you would like help so you and your horse can understand each other better, and get these basics mastered... 

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I hope that this helps you to see how the dialogue can happen between your horse and the different levels of dialogue and the different areas and the different considerations that need to be taken.

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