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Why should your horse want to be with you?

Why should your horse want to be with you? We can see a lot of trainers out there and they’re talking about doing ‘stuff’ with their horses. But what about giving our horses what they really need?If we are underneath a good leader or looking for a good leader, isn’t that a promise that we would […]

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Understanding the horse

Is it easier for our horses to learn a language like English, a human generated language, or is it easier for us to see the world through our horses senses?Here’s what happened to me the other day to help illustrate the answer to this question…  One of my horses was way out in the field, […]

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What emotion do we want to promote in our horses?

Horses express so many emotions as we are around them and working with them. When it comes to training horses and having the best relationship that we possibly can across the species of horses and humans, the answer to this question makes a huge difference.  But a lot of equine enthusiasts completely miss it which erases any […]

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How can you tell if a horse is happy?

Our horses can read US very acutely…they are very good at it! They are very good at reading our body language, reading where we are at… and what we’re going to do next. And they can also read us acutely with our emotional aspect as well.  Scientific studies have been done where horses have been placed in front […]

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Why we miss our horses

I know some of you are not even able to travel to your horses at this time and I’m really sorry if that is the case for you because you know, we’re feeling the stress and the anxiety of COVID and our animals do as well.Our animals feel the stress, especially when we’re not visiting […]

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