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What do I need to work with a horse?

There are a few key things that are needed to work with a horse to be effective and successful in making progress in a timely manner. 

Have you ever felt like it's just taking way too long to make progress with your horse?

And, how would it feel if you had a way to get results with your horse without sacrificing your relationship? 

...or, have you ever met someone who was a horse guru and yet he is the only one who could do what he does or she, and this is not repeatable by other people?

These three things I'm going to give you here are going to help you to progress faster with your horse.

I have been in that place where I've been so frustrated that I'm not moving forward with my horse, and I don't know where to turn...

I struggled for years with one particular horse to get the results that I was looking for...

...until I discovered what I REALLY needed.

So here's what you need to have in order to work with a horse.

#1.  Tools

Of course, you need to have a halter, you need to have a riding space and you need tack. You need the physical things that make your job easier because you are riding a horse or working with a horse in some way.

You may need a mounting block, you may need a hoof knife, a rasp, a video camera. Those are the tools that you need.

#2.  Principles

A principle is a fundamental truth. It is a foundation for a system or a chain of reasoning behind a system.

It can be a scientific theory or a law, but it's a foundation to your system or your program. It's something that you can always fall back on when you're stuck because you need help understanding something.

You can always fall back on it. It doesn't change. It may change slightly, but generally a principle does not change.

#3.  A program or system

People sometimes think that they don't need a system or that they can do at all themselves...that they can figure it out.

When really being with the horse, riding with a horse, doing liberty with a horse, whatever it is you're doing is quite complex.

You need a step by step process for you to get towards your goals, or you're just going to be frustrated and stuck. It's like a roadmap that will help you. It'll show you the way to go.

It'll show you where you are right now, where you're going and how to get there in between.

It needs to be identifiable. So very specifically identified the steps in this process.

It needs to be repeatable so that you can go back and repeat it or someone else can repeat it. And it needs to be duplicatable so that not just one person can do it.

Have you ever met someone who was a horse guru and yet he is the only one who could do what he does or she, and this is not repeatable by other people?...that doesn't help you.

That's why you need this system or a program, a complete step by step program. That's what I've developed. I've developed a step by step program that shows riders how to ride with ease and freedom.

It shows you how to ride your horse or how to work with your horse on the ground, how to use your body.

I've worked with hundreds of horses.  I've rescued horses and rehabilitated horses over my lifetime. And I've distilled 30 years of information into a step by step program.

It shows you how to ride with ease and effectiveness. It shows you exactly how to tune into your body, how to use your body and how to get the results you're looking for with your horse.

As well as, keep growing your relationship so you don't have to forfeit your relationship with any of these techniques that I teach.

It’s time to go from stuck, frustrated and fear-filled to harmonious and confident with your horse. It doesn’t have to take forever and it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

If you'd like to be a part of my step by step process in my program, then just CLICK HERE  to apply. 


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Chris Adderson teaches riders and horses how to move with ease and grace to create astounding results and lifelong relationships of their dreams. She teaches valuable skills and educational strategies to get more results, quicker and faster.

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