For The Horse

Program Outline

This isn't just horse training;

it's a dance!

Develop embodied communication, balance and grace with conscious steps, so that you can move together in harmony with your horse without conflict and resistance...


Learn the True Foundations of Communicating With a Horse

The foundational patterns we reveal will open new possibilities by changing how you interact with horses, regardless of the degree of training and experience you have.

Our patterns, not taught anywhere else, will show you how to facilitate specific information exchanges between you and your horse, allowing you to connect on a deeper level!

Experience functional movement in both yourself and your horse. Improve your horse's soundness and improve overall health and wellness through movement.


Experience a Profound Personal Transformation

Realize how you belong in yourself.

Build your confidence, self-trust, and eloquence so you can help your horse more, and truly enrich each other with joy.

Make choices in alignment with your values and re-discover genuine connection with yourself, others and your horse.

Discover freedom and creativity in all you do with your horse!


Dance With Your Horse

Once and for all, finally know what contact really means and be able to master it.

Communicate with clarity. Lateral movements will make more sense. We bridge the gap for you so you can explore what you've always wanted to do with your horse. 

Enjoy a collaborative connection and communion with your horse, benefitting both of you.

Discover conscious, elegant movement with your horse.


Finally Feel Secure In The Saddle!

Find security in the saddle easily and quickly.

Moment to moment feel better because you have a daily practice that is effective.

Overcome fears and anxiety around stepping into the saddle.

Become a beautiful rider!


Get Clarity On Intention

Discover what it means to be intentional with your horse.

Identify the structure, purpose, strategy and tools you need to help you do what you want to do with your horse.

Develop clarity within yourself and your ability to communicate your meaning to your horse.

To guide the horse we need to feel the quality within ourselves!


Further Develop Your Intuition

Gain access to infinite possibilities.

Master what you already know and resist being led astray.

Discover how to use energy and intention to physically unite and harmonize in movement with your horse.

Use discernment around your feelings and emotions.

Discover our education

spots are extremely limited!


Our deepest, longest and most comprehensive education we've ever offered!

Advanced mentorship for 5 eager and ambitious horse people.

Art consists of embodying the theory with practical reality!


Our students love this segment of the program!

This is where you specialize in any (or all!) of the categories: riding, in-hand, lunging, liberty.

Dig deep with our help and find the gaps in your horsemanship and riding!!


The integration of Harmony Patterns into what you are already doing with your horse.

Guided support where you get to go deep into skill sets that are customized to you and your horse while you integrate new information.


A leading edge approach to communication, communion and physical connection with your horse.

Multi-disciplinary holistic curriculum of a carefully designed highly intensive process.

Experience the pardigm shift you know you need to make!

Discover what has been holding you back all this time!!

Our program starts with Harmony and follows the progression from Harmony to Integration to Insight to Sage. The complete program is offered over 2 years and 3 months.

If you've been on the fence or craving for quality, world-class instruction and support, now is the time!!

About Chris Adderson

Author, Clinician, Program Founder

I have designed this program to help you re-ignite your ultimate confidence and self-belief in all that you do. Your horse will willingly partner with you in lightness. 

We will help you establish a step-by-step plan and strategy to support your growth together. You will feel more confident, capable, and available to step into your genius as a rider and serve your horse at whatever level.

I am so grateful to be able to share my secrets and strategies with you. Working on unlocking your ultimate riding success based on my tried and tested framework is the missing ingredient from any method, course, or program you've ever tried before.

Who would show us how to flow in movment with our horse if not for the dancer? Who would dream that we would be better for our horses if not the lightworker? And who would inspire our nonverbal expression if it were not the person of silence?

Welcome to our For The Horse Online University!

What Our Students Are Saying

Deb Hutchings - Harmony Student

Best investment for me and my horses.  

The In Hand work is so much fun, it's the greatest exercise in connection I have ever experienced.  

The depth of this program is remarkable, I have come to know myself and what blocks me from progressing with my horse.

I now have the skills I need to break through my barriers to progress, the study of movement, and how to use my body to help my horse in movement.  

This program has filled the holes missing and lost.

There isn't a program like this anywhere. 

Thank you Chris for your time and talent.

Victoria McKinnon  - Harmony Student

Thank you Chris for helping me to find my way back to enjoy my horse under saddle with confidence in both my own ability and him.

It is challenging journey our horses lead us on but definitely worth it all in the end.

I have a great relationship with my horses and that is full of play and fun as well as the enjoyment of riding. 

Karen Gerhart - Sage Student

Chris, the nice thing about your depth of knowledge is that you know (whether liberty, in hand, riding or lunging) you know, and you have the expertise to help students to excel in any of those. 

And that's, yeah, I mean, really, who can offer that?

No matter who you are; no matter what kind of horsemanship you do, you want the feeling offered in this program.

You will learn to embody what we want to feel which makes it so much clearer how we can express to the horse what we want them to do.

This program far exceeds any other course out there.

Is Our Program For You?

We offer a teaching skillset that transcends all of the dimensions --- riding, in-hand, liberty and lunging, and yes, it also unites all dimensions too!

We inspire and uplift you to experience embodied communication, a balanced mind-body, and energy awareness through a holistic approach combined with classic principles.


* Only 5 ambitious horse people accepted at one time

* Transform your horsemanship and riding (12-month advanced mentorship!)

* Lifetime access to all curriculum

* Unlimited personal access to Chris to contact her directly for assistance, questions, training strategies, personal growth, private lessons

* Unlimited options to repeat (with our world-class support) Harmony, Integration, Insight whenever you like!

* 40% discount off all clinics

* Invitation only


* Transform your horsemanship and riding (12-month mentorship!)

* Bi-monthly group coaching calls

* Monthly live private lesson

* Lifetime access to curriculum

* Prerequisite - completed Harmony and Integration

$425.00 USD per month


* Integrate the paradigm shift you experienced in Harmony (1-month mentorship!)

* Bi-monthly group coaching calls

* Monthly live private lesson

* Lifetime access to curriculum

* Prerequisite - completed Harmony

$425.00 USD per month


* Experience the paradigm shift! 8-week Transformational Intensive!

* Bi-weekly group coaching calls

* Monthly live private lessons

* Lifetime access to curriculum

$6,000.00 USD

This isn't just horse training; it's a dance!

It's our passion, our expertise, and now, it can be yours too.

What Makes Us Different?

We have a school, instructors, curriculum and framework to teach and guide our students in a way that has never been taught before --- all in one place. No annoying flipping from course to course with no consistency.

We show you how to take the paradigm shift in horsemanship, riding and consciousness.

Embark on a journey of beautiful harmony between human and horse. Discover how broad awareness, correct rotation and balance, soft, powerful embodiment, sensitive timing, and improved body awareness for you and your horse can lead you into the flow of the art of human/horse interactions.

Feel the rhythm and harmony as you learn to recognize when each movement is ridden and performed with ease.

We give you specific guidance to attune your awareness to see and feel what your horse is saying so you can then take action though your embodiment.

We show you the path to instructor independence! You will be able to problem solve and discern with your horse's best interest in mind!

movement doesn't lie

Equestrians are not aware of how much they influence their horse because they are not aware of their own bodies.

horses don't lie

Equestrians are not aware of how much they influence their horse because they are not aware of their own truth.

the universe does not lie

Equestrians are not aware of how much they influence their horse because they are not aware of energy in the space between awareness and action.

What Our Students Are Saying

Melanie Eyles - Insight Student
I couldn't have done it without you!!

It's worth ten-fold what I paid for the course.

It's opened up my life, my work, and I'm living my dreams with my horse.

I'm super thankful.
Kate Hastings - Student

Thank you for sharing high quality information and for appreciating me in return. I love you deeply, I think of you almost everyday and I thank you for helping me to win.

I'm finding joy in riding again. 

Thank you!

Teri V. - Sage Student

It has been an honour to have you out to teach us here and remotely for the past 3 years!

It has been amazing and enlightening and I will forever value the information and skills that you have passed on to me!


Do I have to have more than one horse?

No, you don't have to have several horses. It's best to go through our program with one main horse and if you have a secondary horse for backup you'll be covered.

How do I apply?

Just click on the "I want to apply now" button. Next, answer a few questions on the form, and then find a time that best suits you to chat with us on a call. We will chat about you and your horse and help you to start on your journey. It's fun and easy! 

Choose your future ... explore our world of horsemanship and riding.