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What to Expect

Timelines and logistics

For The Horse Harmony is divided into eight modules - a new module opens each week. Each module includes conceptual ideas to familiarize you with, and task-focused assignments to help you become more aware of (and change) your movement patterns, mindset, and communication with your horse(s). The modules build upon each other, so completing the previous module will assist you in fully grasping the next.

While you will need to understand our terms, there is no need to “study” or print out the course materials. This course is primarily experiential: it is about developing feel, exploring new sensations in your body, and deepening your understanding of mindset and emotions. Each person will encounter the course materials differently, from their unique perspective. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.

Each module includes practice suggestions you will submit to keep you progressing through the materials so that the instructors can help guide you to progress and individualize the course to suit your needs. Complete and submit these before the opening of the next module so that we all move through the course at about the same pace.


Get a Rebounder as soon as possible. Using one is an essential component of learning to “embody” movement and better communicate with your horse.

Mindset assignments

Addressing and changing mindset is a critical portion of this course. Mindset practice, such as guided visualizations and meditations, are part of every module.  Please be sure to take the time to complete these offerings.

If you choose, you will receive a personalized mindset meditation after your first one-on-one lesson.  Listen to your customized meditation daily, either as you fall asleep at night or during an interruption-free period of relaxation during the day. 


You will submit various short videos of yourself: on the Rebounder, and with your horse. 

Most people are uncomfortable at first seeing themselves on video. However, video has many advantages. It allows instructors to observe you directly and provide personalized instruction. It allows you to observe yourself objectively. And it provides concrete evidence of the progress that you are making, allowing you to look back at previous versions of yourself and compare that to where you are today.

Use your concerns about videoing yourself to build constructive awareness of your inner critic. As you progress through this course, we will help you learn to address your inner critic, objectively evaluate yourself and your horse, and use your observations to better problem-solve and advance towards your goals.

Someone else can video you using your cell phone, you can prop your phone up or place it on a stand to take video, or you can use a robotic system such as Pivo to help the phone track your horse as you record video.

You will not need to do sophisticated video editing. You may find that using simple editing software, such as the free “Movies and TV” editor that comes with Windows, is useful for trimming the video down by removing non-essential portions, such as extra footage at the start and end of the recording. 

Group Zoom Meetings

We will have group Zoom meetings twice per week. Plan to attend all Group Calls. During the Group Calls, we discuss course content, answer questions, review student videos, share wins, talk about concerns and progress, and get to know each other more deeply. They are an essential part of the course.
The replay of the Group Call will be here for one week after the live Group Call. It will then be replaced by the next Group Call for a subsequent week. The recordings are password protected. Please send in a ticket requesting the password.

Individual Lessons

Please book your sessions early. Schedule one in the first week, and then the rest every two weeks or so. Do not leave scheduling and participating in these lessons until the end of the course!

Private Facebook Group

Be sure to join the “Harmony for the Horse” group, which includes students and alumni from this course. A link to this Facebook group is in the introductory email.

You will need to follow/like my business page -->  https://www.facebook.com/FortheHorse.ChrisAdderson  Also, send me a friend request to my personal profile --> https://www.facebook.com/ChrisAddersonFortheHorse/ This will enable me to send you an invite to the group