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You’re all set!

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I highly recommend Chris's online program


Chris has given me confidence, feedback and support that I was deeply desiring.  I thouroughly enjoyed working with Chris and her beautiful mare, Melody.  I highly recommend her sevices!  Chris is a woman of integrity and sincerity.  Her devotion to her family, horses, dogs and career inspire me to the core 😀.  What I’ve been able to work on with my own personal horses since coming home from visiting Chris has brought immense joy to my heart!
My mare Stella was like “oh thank goodness”! If you’re considering taking Chris’s online course “Harmony For The Horse” I’d HIGHLY recommend you do so 🐎!

Lots of fun work!  I love your program!


Wow! This lesson on lateral work is fantastic. It really makes sense.

Wow!!!  Awesome and inspiring!!!


If I must say so, you have provided me invaluable information and it is highly apparent that you are practicing what you teach with respect to helping others. You have given away what many others would not, and I can see why many would regard you as their mentor. I have been digging long and deep for some time for this kind of information and, before today no other “self proclaimed expert” ever cemented in me the impression that they were really trying to help. Thank you so much😊