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Isla Adderson is a certified Instructor for the School of Légèreté, with the French Classical Dressage Master, Philippe Karl.

She is fully qualified in many equine services offered by For The Horse, such as starting young horses, equine rehabilitation, holistic horse management, and equine education.

Being an experienced barefoot trimmer, Isla trims pleasure and sport horses, as well as rehabilitation horses.

Isla is certified in Equine Massage thearpy, where she combines massage with other forms of equine body work including Orthobionomy, Equine Touch and joint play, to create a whole balancing program.

Over the year she has shown many horses in dressage and jumping, including young horses, rehabilitated horses and higher-level horses.

Isla loves spending time with her horses and is thrilled to help people and their horses achieve ultimate communication and connection.

Our program is for conscientious riders looking to create ease, confidence, flow, and a deep bond with their horse. Exponentially deepen your communication while expanding your accomplishments through our proven process, now in an intensive 12 week on-line program: FOR THE HORSE HARMONY: the ultimate program to becoming an effective true partner with your horse.

Our program provides:

  • Live individual and small-group trainings
  • Support at multiple levels: mental/emotional, how-to, problem-solving
  • Physical exercises to improve rider coordination and balance
  • Physical exercises to improve horse coordination and balance
  • Reprogramming of subconscious patterns
  • Stepwise instructions to improve clarity of communication with your horse

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