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If you’re a horse...

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… then make sure you're at the worldwide online For the Horse VIRTUAL CLINIC.

Chris Adderson and some of her equine expert friends will present an epic 3-hour online training clinic for equestrians that you won’t want to miss


Margrit Coates, author of 7 internationally acclaimed books about horse healing and communication

Jean Luc Cornille, FEI level trainer, instructor and international competitor, classical dressage

David Lichman5-Star Master Parelli Professional with specialty in liberty horses

Peggy Cummings, author, clinician, founder of Connected Riding


Chris Adderson

Chris Adderson is an equine educator offering instruction to riders looking for a meaningful relationship and a way to get amazing results with their horse. Chris is sought-after as a clinician, having taught worldwide, and also as an advisor for online horse education through courses that she has developed.  She lives with her husband, 2 dogs and many horses on a mountain valley farm in BC, Canada.

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Working intelligently and successfully with your horse can frustrating

endless things to manage, exhaustion with no progress, 
you work day after day only to end with low spirits because you don't know what your next step is
You're not alone  Watch free training

Common reasons for a struggling relationship with your horse

You're using the application of the aids and your horse doesn't respond
Your lack of clarity is confusing your horse
You can't hit the sweet spot with your horse
You lack a predictable training system
You're stuck following an anitquated paradigm that doesn't consider the horse
Your communication is lost to a horse who isn't listening

There is a better way.  Watch this training.

So what's the solution?
Harmony For the Horse helps riders
If you goal is to become the best rider that you can be for your horse, we have a proves process for riders with integrity that gets results beyond your wildest dreams.
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✔️ Live your true movement as a rider
✔️  Increase your progress with your horse
✔️  Improve your horse all round as well as your relationship
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All essential resources
Expand your possibilities  Crush your self-liminting and rider-limiting beliefs that keep your stuck in place
Clarify your movement  Learn our proprietory technique for gett clear on how you actually ride, unique to only you
Design your program for your horse  Get 1-on-1 coaching to assemble your step by step process
Evaluate  Learn how to evaluate your horse physically, mentally and emotionally
Get Resutlts  Guide your horse to breakthroughs beyond your wildest dreams
Amplify  Start the momentum with your pure movement as a rider to ride in flow

Want to go deeper?  Watch this training

Why join Harmony For the Horse
Our team will guide you hands-on through strategic, physical, emotional shifts required for you to become the rider capable of living your vision.  Get measurable growth in the next 12 weeks by getting support instead of just information.
✔️  Increase your confidence
✔️  Relax into growth
✔️  Improve your balance
✔️  Improve your horse's balance
✔️  Hone your skills
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Does Harmony For the Horse really work?
3 testimonials
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How to improve your riding and relationship with your horse faster
1.  Watch our 30 minute training
2.  Book a free harmony session with our team
3.  Gain clariton on your next step with your horse, rider movement and bonding
4.  Increase your results with your horse in les than 12 weeks
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✔️  Recorded modules and PDFs
✔️  Two live Q&A calls per week
✔️  1-on-1 private lessons
✔️  24/7 access to 1-on-1 Helpdesk
✔️  Reprogramming audios
✔️  Private Facebook group
✔️  Lifetime access to all resources and updates
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