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For any videos that you submit please use this link https://forthehorse.com/yourfirstnamefiles)  Copy this URL and change yourfirstname with your first name - no spaces) example:  https://forthehorse.com/chrisfiles  (if your name is chris)
At the time of this writing Group Calls are Wednesdays at 12 noon Pacific Time, 3:00pm Eastern, 8pm GMT and Fridays at 1:00pm Pacific, 4:00pm Eastern, 9pm GMT Use this link to join the call https://zoom.us/j/6780061788
Review the Hoof Assessment video in Resources and submit your request via a ticket. Then upload your images to your file in OneDrive. Your assessment will be done in one of your private lessons.

Private lessons can be on whatever topic you are working on. You will want to choose at least one session related to mindset. We are offering three types of one on one private riding sessions in order to accommodate your capabilities:

1 . Real-time (you need someone to video you or a remote robot to video you), almost as if your instructor is there with you (45 minutes) **This requires you to have enough wireless connection in your riding arena to have a video call.** You will also need a Smartphone that is capable of Zoom and a Bluetooth headset for communication.
2 . Pre-recorded real-time -  an evaluation of you and your horse from your pre-recorded video.  If this is your choice please send in a ticket for directions. This will consist of sending a 15-minute pre-recorded video (including your questions) followed by either a phone or video debrief at an arranged time (45 minutes) You may choose, in the first one on one session, to do a short video of your horse including the following:
  • Walking and trotting in hand towards and away from the camera
  • Lunging both directions at walk, trot, canter
  • Work in hand, if the rider has a basic understanding of work in hand
  • Information on what the rider would like to achieve
  • Any concerns the rider may have with their horse.
3 . Personal Lessons – done in real-time, if you're local
Use this link to book your private lessons on our calendar: https://forthehorse.com/OneOnOne
After you upload your video to OneDrive (by drag and drop the video onto the page), send in a ticket to Support. Your ticket will have a detailed explanation of what you are doing in the video, why you are choosing to show what you are showing, WHAT IS WORKING for you and/or your horse, WHAT IS NOT WORKING for you and/or your horse, and WHAT YOU MIGHT DO DIFFERENTLY.
The TMJ is theTemporomandibular joint. This small joint, located on each side of the jaw, is almost solely responsible for allowing mammals to open and close their mouths, and is perhaps the most important joint in the body. The TMJ resides just below and in front of the base of the horse's ear on each side of the head. Movement within the joint is easily visualized when the horse is chewing.
Listen to your personal hypnotherapy everyday, is best. And if you would like to listen to any of the others that is fine too. ​ Some people like to do the visualization in the morning and the hypnotherapy in the evening before bed.
This is how our MiniWorkshops work... a student submits a 3 minute video on a topic that they are working on with their horse. During one of our Group Calls, we discuss the video as it is played. This is done on a zoom call, which for some, the lag time on the live streaming will be affected. So to help with this we also put the video in our secret Facebook group so that current Harmony members can watch the video ahead of time, if they choose. ​Or the video can be played on a separate device while the Group Call is in process.
You can stay as long as you need on any particular week if it is beneficial to you and your horse. Some weeks take longer than others and each rider and horse is different so will progress at different speeds. But do keep in mind that each week is sequential so keep moving through the program.
Audio recordings of Group Calls will be in the 'Group Calls' Tab for you to review. They will be there for one week following the original live recording, then replaced by the next weeks recordings on Sunday.
The Group Calls are a very important integral part of your learning in this program. If you miss a call you can find the Group Call audio recording that you missed under the 'Group Call' tab. They will be there for one week following the week of the original live recording.
Yes. The password for the previous weeks calls will be given out on the Friday call. If you are missing the Friday call, send in a ticket for the password for the week of the call that you missed.
Send in a ticket. We can send you an email with detailed instructions on how to upload your file to OneDrive.
Take a video with your mobile phone or other video device (max 1 min in length), upload it to your file in OneDrive. If you are having trouble uploading, send it to Chris via Facebook Messenger and she will share it to your OneDrive file.