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Kate Hastings and Stella

Karen Gerhart and River

Deb Hutchings

Janice Jarvis and Sienna


I'v had one of the lovliest rides I've had in many, many months 

Kate hastings

Rider and instructor

Yesterday was my first ride on Stella since coming home from riding with Chris Adderson and Melody. The tools, wisdom and a-ha moments I received from working with them truly have been missing pieces to the puzzle that I’ve been searching for with my beautiful Stella. I had one of the loveliest rides 🐎 I’ve had in many many months. Things started to “click”. I could feel Stella saying “oh thank goodness”. Gratitude is what I feel. What I learned from Chris and Melody greatly compliments what I’m learning from my other mentors. It feel so wonderful to feel like you’re helping your horse!

Now I understand how to communicate with my horse

Lucie carrier - rider

I can't tell you enough how much it helps me to move without pain; on my horse, walking, jogging, etc.
And now I understand how to communicate with my horse.
Shoulder-in, travers and half-pass have never been so clear!

Chris Adderson

Equine educator and performer with more than 40 years of experience, Chris has helped riders and coaches all over the world to ride their horses with ease and flow without sacrificing the integrity of their body or their horse's body.  Her work has been featured in CBC, Country Canada and several major equine publications.

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