The Path to Ride Your Horse In Flow

For aspiring and experienced horse riders who are searching to achieve excellence, confidence, flow and a deeply attuned horse-human partnership. Move beyond the struggle, fear and frustration.

When we are searching for the best for our horses, we don't settle for less.

My search has taken me far and wide, around the globe, seeking the absolute best for all of my horses, most recently my Andalusian gelding. I wanted to honor him as well as myself, but nobody could help me and my horse.

After 15 years of finding some pieces of the riding in flow puzzle, but not the complete picture, I turned to what I already knew from my human movement research and my experiences as a top level professional dancer.

And my boy and I excelled.

Since 1989 we have taught riders and their horses who are searching for the best for their horses. We developed our proven program to be on-line for those riders who desire a true partnership with effective communication between horse and human, to develop a deep understanding of their own bodies and their horse's body in motion, and crave to ride with ease and flow.

What is unique about

For The Horse?

We wanted to create a program that was the ultimate for riders to develop into beautiful confident riders; multifaceted, supportive, proven, and supported by science...

...and we did.

Discover if this program fills in missing pieces for you.

What are the pillars of

For The Horse?

Discover our pillars that guide you to becoming an effective, true partner with your horse.

Will our experience, knowledge and guidance lead you along this path?

What are the realities of creating a dancing pair, horse/rider, with consistent results?

Discover how this can be possible for you and your horse and the options of how you can step into learning with us.
What is the process you can use to create this new reality?

This is a free call to hear from Chris Adderson, founder of For The Horse, as well as some experiences of our community members.

We'll share our journeys and answer your questions.

It's a great opportunity to explore what we do and how we do it to see if our program is aligned with you becoming a beautiful, confident rider.

Simple and clear.

The Path to Ride Your Horse In Flow:

For The Horse Harmony Program

Exponentially deepen your communication while expanding your accomplishments through our proven process.

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