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Christine Adderson is an equine educator offering instruction to riders looking for a meaningful relationship and a way to get amazing results with their horse. Christine is sought-after as a clinician, having taught worldwide, and also as an advisor for online horse education through courses that she had developed … she’s constantly working on more. Christine is also a power influencer online where she teaches people how to take their businesses online with current and effective strategies of today’s time.

Christine has studied with, and instructed for, many of the world’s greatest horse people such as Ray Hunt, Peggy Cummings, Margrit Coates, Philippe Karl, Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, and George Malleroni, but none so great as the horse itself. An instructor of 44 years, she has many students who have become equine professionals themselves as well as students who love riding and caring for their horse.

As the founder of For The Horse she has created a “horse heaven” and supportive place for riders looking for in depth study into the equine world. She has rescued and rehabilitated many horses back to health and soundness, introducing barefoot principles, bodywork and movement education into many parts of the world, as well as consulted on organic land stewardship and holistic horse management.

She has affectionately named the “Heroine of the Horses” and is the recipient of the internationally recognized prestigious, Shining World Compassion Award, for her outstanding efforts to rescue horses and to ensure their safety and well being.

For The Horse is ~ the most ultimate connection to the land and the horse’s spirit ~combined with the ultimate connection between horse and human through the art of movement.

Christine educates people to teach their horses from a point of integration – that is where we are both a scientist and therapist, a caregiver and teacher, a leader and follower and a horse and human for our horses. This will open windows of insight and open doors for change.

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