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Photograped above is Mr. Chewy, a regular attendee at our clinics!

Meet Gayle and Katy...

 "My horse "Katy" and I have been very privileged this past year to have been coached by an amazingly gifted clinician, Christine Adderson.  Christine is very intuitive with horse and rider and provides gentle guidance to both at all levels. Christine has a wealth of experience and knowledge and my equine partner and I have grown greatly under her coaching.  Christine’s philosophy and training methods show utmost respect for the horse and their well being in all aspects.

My "Katy", is a young 4 year old, 16 hand Friesian/ trakehner mare who at times can be like a toddler with ADHD.  Under Christine’s gentle guidance she has provided me with the techniques to give “Katy” clear, concise and consistent language to build a trusting relationship and a willingness to follow my lead.

I am not riding “Katy” yet. Christine’s training methods done in-hand,on the ground are amazing and will provide a smooth transition to what is done in the saddle. Once I start to ride her she will already know what is expected of her and the willing partnership will already have been established and will continue to progress.

I am having so much fun working with “Katy” using what Christine had taught me thus far and am very excited to see what “Katy” and I can do under Christine’s guidance this spring and summer.  Thank you so much Christine. You’re awesome.


Meet Hilary and Tim...

"As a mother of two young children, owning a young horse, and working full time.. I am not sure where I expected to fit in the time for a new training regime. My first clinic with Christine blew my mind. I had decided to attend based solely on the words and training advice of a good friend, Teri. My horse and I loved every minute of it. From the bad to the good, we learned and grew thru it all. Teri spent the summer training my gelding Tim, and when Christine came back in the fall, she was welcoming, thoughtful and full of vigor! We cantered right back into suit. She had no trouble giving me space to learn.  I was so impressed at how she was able to teach from green horse and rider, to someone like Teri who has been years into this.


Christine calls it like she sees it. But teaches you how to work thru the ugly.  It’s only a bad session if you feel it is. The horse simply is trying their best. I look forward to clinics with Teri and Christine next year, and I know that the methods are based on sound true technique. I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. My only complaint is that she lives in BC!"

Meet Teri and Izzy...

"My experience this summer has been very blessed and quite extraordinary!  Christine is the most kind, thoughtful and educated instructor I have ever met or had the privilege of riding with!  My horse and I have learned a great deal and have both become stronger and steadier as a result of her instruction and insights!  The principles of Légèretè are simply the most compassionate and correct way to educate our equine partners and I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in it this summer; I cannot wait to see what the winter and next summer brings us! 

As we progressed, I could feel how much stronger my horse’s top line became; we went from having steadiness and straightness issues to being able to sustain correct poll flexion and keep her shoulders aligned in a much more consistent manner….the gaits have never felt so good to me as they do now!  The beauty of this way of training is that it is so methodical and straightforward.  There is no guessing about how to address any issue and I never worry that it will harm my horse in any way.  What a wonderful experience and opportunity for all of us here!

- Thank you Christine!"

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